Indication of Merging Realities

Ok, I don't actually know whether to be happy... or to be sad for myself, but well... my dreams have started to incorporate 2D elements, and by that I mean: Anime has blended into my otherwise more "realistic" dreams

Just this morning I was fighting a war as an infantry soldier (unknown rank and position) in the jungle alongside 魔法少女(Mahou Shoujo)... from... you guessed it: 魔法少女マドカマギカ (Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica)

That wasn't the only one though... I remember a having a few other small "cameos" (if I were to call them as such) here and there in my dreams.

And then, I ended off playing Reflec Beat with FripSide songs and witnessed another anime cameo appearance... this time probably from Hidan no Aria I think, since I vaguely remember playing one of May'n's songs (which is not on Reflec Beat btw). May'n sung the OP for that anime in case you weren't aware of it.

When I woke up I was really going between "wtf", "this is so cool", and "I think I might be actually a sad dude". I dunno... considering I started in August 2010, it took quite a long time for it to penetrate into this level of my mind, but nonetheless, it's now reached what I would think is, the depths of my mind, and is permanently stuck there... likely forever.

It's not that I mind at all, and I'm actually embracing it. I'll see if tonight results in anymore of these, but well.... I dunno what to make of this really...

00:12 22 Apr 2012