Good Luck

Let's hope I survive the next phase. There are places with more vigourous training, and good luck to those who will be trying "to lead, to excel, to overcome". I'd like to join, but I think I'll make sure I can cope with this first. And greater luck to those who are getting "ready to strike". For the guys who are gonna be "swift and decisive", especially those not so swift on foot, good luck as well. At least the newer vehicles have air-con nowadays. "Reliable, Efficient, and Professional" people, we might meet again, ever so briefly as we can't get anywhere very fast without you guys. Who else?... hmm... Oh yes, to those always "Forging Ahead", all the best! You'll be the bedrock of our army, so please remain strong!

All that being said, I hope we could meet up again soon, and this time, our experiences would be more varied! Can't wait to hear from everyone!

With pride we lead!

23:16 18 Apr 2010