POP lo!

16hrs of rest later, I awake knowing that for another 10 days, there will be no need to wear green camouflage uniform. 2 months of BMT &mdash over. I can't say I hated it, but neither did I love every minute of it. Our training puts us through much hardship. How much though, varies from company to company. Nevertheless, there are things you can't run from regardless of whether you belong to those who go through insane PT regime, those who are reputed to be the most garang, those who get much body maintainance, or those from the best company. The 24km route march is one of them.

Through BMT, there have been many a time where I could not imagine myself completing the task at hand, and thus, and equivalent number of times I have surprised myself. Never did I fall out nor give up because I could not take it, I could not endure. I suppose my fellow mates, not counting those who are very fit, would agree that these things are what make us proud of our achievements, and give us a sense of fulfilment that all our days here are not just about getting ready to defend Singapore.

Another thing I am grateful to have is yet another circle of friends, bonded through sweat and blood, snacks and chess. We have had so much fun together and shared many funny moments (made very apparent during OC's night). I certainly hope that we'll be in contact for a long time to come. Our aims are all high, but so are our capabilities. Lawyers, doctors, engineers... That's the advantage of being an enhanced batch I guess.

This last week of BMT has also been rather rewarding, literally. I am extremely happy to have been able to get some exclusive opportunities. Firstly, of course, best company award (in school 1). Secondly, going to the poolside cafe (which is for commanders only btw!) to buy supper (as a reward for being part of the hydro-change parade team). Thirdly, a nights out (as a reward for being part of the NE team). (Nights out while being a recruit!!! Woo!)

Now, the next phase of training awaits!

09:56 09 Apr 2010