Standing Ovation

BMT is not all about pushups, route marches, obstacle courses, shooting, and IPPT. It's almost like normal school. When the syllabus has been covered, the fun starts! So here's to the best week I've had in BMT.

First up, it's a shorter week thanks to good friday. There was the drill competition on Monday which I sadly didn't get to see. I heard it was really awesome between Cougar and Dragon coy (the rest just don't cut it heh). I managed catch a glimpse or two during the practices though, so I have some kinda idea of what went on. Drills when done well are really awesome. It's almost like dancing. There's coordination and sharpness of movement, and then there's the difficulty of doing the fancy drills which is always the highlight. So I don't really see why people are so sian when it comes to doing drill practices...

Then there was games day on Tuesday which was really fun as well cheering on your own teams as hard as you could. It was really tight between Falcon and Cougar coy (Apache was really sad... They won one game, and had 4th place in everything else), down to the last competition, Unleash It All, the most fun competition. It's technically a cheering competition, but usually the teams would put up a whole performance that involves dancing and music as well. The theme of the costumes commonly used was that of a warrior. So most were half naked with camo cream and other colours as body and face paint.

The best of all is of course the NE presentation. Simply a sweep for my company! Our team of 70 men strong have been putting in so many hours across the weeks for it that it's not that much of a surprise. The NE presentation wasn't so much of a presentation as it was a performance. It was basically a play with singing, dancing, ambient music, and video assistance. Every form of media we could muster, for a total of 30mins long. Our audience really enjoyed it, from the huge laughter and applause every now and then. Best part of all was the standing ovation after all the lights came back on! The middle of the auditorium had us Cougars standing and cheering, while I saw Falcon company looking very sian beside us XD. They knew it was really over this time XD.

Working on this full scale production has been really fun. We managed to skip many non-essential stuff like BCCT, and ST, not to mention also lots of admin-time burnt. It was all well worth it though. Most of us held more than one role. The video team also did photography and managed the control room during the performance. The background actors also doubled as dancers. Some of the scriptwriters also doubled as background actors. Personally, I doubled as a choir member and a visual effects producer (fancy name for the person who renders the video for enhancement of the play). One of the comments I heard was that it was shocking to see that so many people were involved in the production. For those who know how big the auditorium was, when our entire crew lined up in a single line shoulder to shoulder, it stretched across the entire stage and overflowed so much so that we had to curve inwards to accommodate all of us. Best of all, as a reward, the commanders are bringing in pizza this book-in for us XD. 3 cheers for the entire NE team!

14:07 02 Apr 2010