Dance to Bollywood!

School's awesome! In attempt to break a world record, we are getting over 300 students to dance together to Indian music, in a mass Bollywood style dance. I was just familiarised with the moves today, and yep... as with all mass dances, it's fun as usual. Lots of laughter, enjoyment, and a good time to spend with friends. There is nothing like an indian dance - funny, in some sense stupid, but yet enjoyable.

IB is certainly stressful, and without these kinda breaks, I should think that many of us would not be able to see psychological peace. I'm also really glad that this was supported pretty strongly by the student council. They certainly try out something new each year.

I'd like to extend out an invitation to all those who are still considering joining this, to join it! Come on! It's our last year here. Make the best of it!

15:49 24 Apr 2009