The Brain as a Computer (Part III)

Most of us should experience this just about daily: Wake up -> Wash up -> Change of clothes -> Breakfast (optional) -> journey to school/work

Very mechanical, very routine. And in the middle of it all, has anyone suddenly posed you a question that required some critical analysis or some level of thinking, e.g. mathematics? And realise that you have this numbness inside your head that just makes you not want to think about this kinda question?

We somehow need some kind of mental warm ups. My friend used to throw me the key in the morning when I reached class, and I wouldn't be able to catch it owing to being half asleep from getting out of the car. I just react much slower.

Turn on your com, and it goes through the same process of warming up I'd suppose. Just that it's process of warming up is to load programs that it needs to run other programs (OS) and other software that keeps your computer safe. You can't do anything significant the moment the computer is turned on, until it loads the OS.

Makes me wonder... do we have an OS as well? Maybe we do. Perhaps it is the conscious mind. It goes like an equivilent of an off mode in a certain stage of our sleep. Delta sleep. Where it has been proven that our brain activity is extremely low. Much like the standby function of a computer.

Our brains also take time to shut down after we have decided to go to sleep. Except that, unlike computers, we can sleep faster if we're tired. Coms don't get tired, or at least, I've never seen symptoms of tiredness in coms. But there is one interesting similarity. When your com is lagging and using 100% CPU processing power, it's goddamn difficult to shut it down! (I usually end up pulling the power cord) Same for us. If you are preoccupied with alot of thoughts racing in your head, it's also goddamn difficult to get sleep!

13:06 18 Apr 2009
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