Somewhat Disturbing Dreams

I wouldn't say it disturbs me in a most unpleasant way, but it makes me live out my inner most thoughts and desires which is fun and satisfying, and yet feel somewhat guilty about it. Strangely, despite lacking more sleep than usual this week, my dream recall has improved... probably because of these dreams.

Of course, I'll not say what these dreams are, but I will say that these dreams always leave me with this guilty happiness / guilty pleasure after I wake, and I'm resisting the resistance of the resistance of the..... of these dreams. So basically, I'm just letting them be.

I am sure some who do take their dreams more seriously than the majority of the population would have experimented, manipulated and played with their dreams, which might have led to this type of experience - guilty happiness. It's interesting really... I'm too powerful to be stopped by myself. So does that make me powerful or weak?

23:26 17 Apr 2009