As the exams draw closer, I find myself doing more productive things... that have nothing to do with exam preparation. I'm not entirely sure why. I've said I wanted to revamp this site a long time ago, but I've never gotten round to it. I still have not, and am not, but I have made some minor changes, and started to plan exactly what needs revamp and not. This was rather low in terms of priority on my list.

I've also kinda done more housekeeping (like backing up files and trashing those that are no longer used or needed), along with improving, and introducing new features to my bot. I've even mirrored a site that I always wanted to keep a copy of in case it goes dead (which it did, and then came back up, so I've just made a copy of it in case it goes again) Why? Why do I do all this?

It's strange, this act of procrastination. I have tons of things to do which I could use to procrastinate, but I chose instead to do some of these "more productive" stuff. My guess is that it lessens the guilt of not actually starting on the task that really demands that I start on.

Yet, somehow, I kind of like the fact that I managed to do all these things that I never did get round to doing. I also do hate myself for not getting round to doing these things earlier/later (thinking about about the future), and instead doing it now when it's least relevant.

Double-edged I guess...

I'm really going to stop making changes to this site till the Eggs & Hams are over (read it without the "&" quickly). I don't want to fucking die here again.

09:17 20 Mar 2015