There are two ways to stop obsessive gaming. One is to quit the game entirely through some means, e.g. scrambling your password and placing it with someone you trust for a certain period of time. The second is to get someone or something to play it for you. I have chosen the latter.

Commitment games tend to lose some bit of their appeal after a while. You no longer want to keep returning just to maintain efficiency, and that risks you losing out. "So what?" you might say. Well the thing is, there are aspects of the games that keep you on playing, and that you want to keep as well. These are still there and haven't lost their appeal. Hence now you start a love-hate relationship... that is, until you learn that there's a way out of it.

A routine task that takes up a substantial amount of time deserves to be optimised according to this chart. And while I feared I may have exceeded the rules there, every day I spend out doing my usual stuff while the bot churns away at me grinding for the menial tasks I otherwise would be doing, I think I'm still better off than if I didn't automate this whole thing.

Besides that, I really think that it has given me quite some fun trying to "play the meta-game", i.e. the game of playing the game. The bot was initially developed to do one routine task and one only, but now it has "evolved" (not on its own of course, I'm not THAT good at programming yet) to handle more complex tasks more efficiently, which reflects that I've gotten better at getting it to do what I want, which means I'm developing my skills.

I of course have the eventual goal of being able to remotely issue it high level commands and let it do all the menial work in achieving the objective I've set it. That probably would never happen, but it's always something to work towards, and is already heading in that direction anyway (certain routines of it are now just triggered by high level commands).

When I speak to other people in the community, while they do agree that it's quite impossible to play efficiently without becoming a NEET, I must say that they really do seem very much afraid of anything programming related, and this seems to be quite a touchy subject (the mods always shutdown threads like this quickly, or any thread that goes down that direction). And then there's always at least one person who will say "What's the point of playing a game if you're botting it?". Thing is, that person is ALWAYS a person who has never actually written his/her own bot. There's a difference there.

And this is what I'll leave you with here:

"People who ask you what's the fun of botting a game have never tried writing one themselves, because if they did, they'd know where the fun is."

08:39 11 Mar 2015