100 Days of Happiness Challenge? Who needs that?

A number of my friends have started the challenge, posting what makes them happy each day for 100 days consecutively (in case you don't already know what it is). What's the purpose behind it really? One would probably think that it's just to get yourself into a better mood each day, and maybe be thankful for something, to see that life is good. That's at least what I think.

But then why would someone do that, unless their life wasn't already good? There's no need to make a special effort to find the good things that happen to you everyday, unless you never noticed it in the first place. In fact, from my position (I don't know who else would be as fortunate if I may consider myself to be fortunate), simply thinking of past accomplishments AND future potentials, followed by "feeling" how the present is but a knife edge between the past and the future (it truly is, by the definition of the word "present"), it just makes you feel more alive, and glad to be so. That alone, keeps me going from day to day. The promise of a future, in your own hands, the lessons from the past (and the present that's soon, or already, past), accomplishments, and that which just gives you confidence to continue towards the unknown in the direction YOU want to go. That, is enough to make me happy, and possibly more than enough.

There's no need for a 100 day challenge. And why only 100 days anyway? Meh. Why not forever? It's more worth it.

02:49 07 Mar 2014