Happy Birthday to The Edna Man

Happy 21st to Uncle Edna! And what a surprise it was. He had the disbelief on his face for around 6 photos, which translates to about 12secs.

Honestly, I've never actually participated in a surprise party before, neither giving end nor receiving end. Surprise parties were only heard of in stories. Now having participated in one, I can say it sure is awesome, at least on the giving end, and probably more so on the receiving end.

Point tonight (this morning) is though, that I was one of the 3 non-GEPs there. Not awkward nor strange, but having all the rest down there reminds me of why I love interacting with them. Half the number of my closer friends are GEPs. I always wondered, what would it have been like to have known them much earlier. They're a very close knit group, mostly because of their esotericism (loosely speaking). Something, which, I kind of find I sort of fit in, along with my two best friends with me there today. Not sure how they view me, but I feel I can slip right in. It's fantastic. Although, of course, I don't think I could actually ever be a part of them. History is history. It can't be rewritten.

GEP is not academic, it's a character.

00:55 05 Mar 2012