Choosing The Path

We are a very fortunate school. 48 Booths supposedly, and 10C2 (if you know what I mean) talks on job opportunities and scholarships, all at our school in one day! We don't have to source, scour the internet and papers for information so that we can make our decisions. They are handed to us on a silver platter! Granted that we may not have the capabilities to take certain options, but it still saves us alot of trouble to go through.

Planning your future career is damn important. It's a behemoth of a decision to make! While you are only 25% through your life, this decision must be made, which will affect the remaining 75% of your life. The gravity of this decision is just tremendous. Make the right decision, and you will enjoy doing what you like, while being paid for the rest of your life. Make the wrong decision, and you will be swearing everyday as you get out of bed, just because you have to go to work.

But thinking about life changing decisions, it all seems to start from rather young doesn't it? For me, I had my eyes fixed on the science industry since around 5 or 6 years of age, and believing in myself, I went ahead with life, looking for any opportunities that would lead me to my goal. People who find that I do well in the science aspect may admire me, or whatever, but it is not just pure talent. It's been years of determination to do well, passion for the subject, and seizing opportunities along the way to better myself in this particular aspect.

This morning's devotion read out my driving force for life, though unknown to the speaker: Believe in yourself, be determined, and your mind will open up to opportunities along the way. Eventually you will be "forced" to succeed, and "cannot help it".
Psychology plays too much of an important role in the long run to ignore it. Mindset, in simpler terms. I had believed in that a few years ago ever since I saw the power of the mind during my explorations with lucid dreaming. We can affect ourselves more than we think we can. Be carful, be afraid, or utilise it. You choose.

So what about those who failed to aim since young, and have just merely drifted on with the years going through every day because they have to and not want to? Yes, these people are inevitably at a disadvantage, and there is nothing they can do about it. Yes, they didn't know that they were supposed to aim early, yes, no one told them. Even I didn't know what I did was aiming, and it's pure luck, and only a single chance. Life is unfortunately unfair in that aspect.

Nevertheless, what's past can't be changed, but for those who have yet to set an aim in life, I'd suggest that they begin right away, for then they can at least take control of some, or most of their life left. So let us work towards our dreams, never waivering from our goals.

21:17 11 Mar 2009