I have finally managed to add in a new catergory to this blog: Explorations. It is similar to tags, except that it states the subject of the exploration.

Explorations are posts that I have made, and will continue to make, that will explore a certain subject or idea through several posts. They will still appear as regular blogposts, but will be easily accessible through the Exploration box on the right of this blog.
The whole point is because there are alot of things for me to talk about, or simply a long process of exploring, which end up divided into several posts. So for the ease of people who are reading, consolidating them into a series under "Explorations" will help alot.

An example of an exploration that I have already on going is "The Power reaching Earth from the Sun" which, I will put under the explorations box as soon as this post is completed.

Well, then, that's about it for explorations!

This is the advantage of a totally customised blog (meaning, each tag, each command is typed by hand). Just about anything is possible with enough skill!

22:43 09 Mar 2009
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