Mounting Pressure

*Sigh* It's been really hectic lately, and it started to climb ever since the choir camp, about 2 weeks ago. The more things you do, the more you feel that alot of time has passed. It feels nearly a whole month since the choir camp to me...

To start off, we were having choir practices quite frequently, at around 3. Then they stepped it up to 4 for that week before the camp, and 6 practices on the week of the camp itself. Not to mention that the next week, we had a choral exchange + Founder's Day to perform for. The choir is currently training for SYF despite all the small performances we've been giving.

Deadlines are also coming closer. Luckily I have the experimental side of my EE done, but I am still having trouble with the model, and have not handed in even the first draft of which some in my level have already made it to draft 3 or higher. World Lit 1st draft is due next week, along with a math portfolio that is supposed to be completed during the March study break. TOK presentation was bad, which means I'll definitely have to take a good look at that one to improve on it for the final presentation just after the study break. My first essay for TOK was horrible (yes I know I deserved such remarks since I typed it on the plane on my phone) and I haven't handed in the second draft yet. Knowing that our teacher takes so long to go through an essay would mean that I'd have to complete another draft fast, or I would not be able to turn in enough drafts. Econs IA is overdue, although its optional, I feel that I should be doing another one to replace a badly written one I did last year. (IB's a 2 year course)

Not to mention the regular homework of short essays and worksheets due, I still had tests within these two weeks. Not that I needed to study for them, I admit, but the pressure to perform well is still present.

Then to top it all off, I am way behind in international chemistry olympiad. I totally missed the lecture on reaction Kinetics because I was finishing my EE experiment, while for organic chem and bio chem, I am almost totally lost during the lectures. I hope GC's e-textbook can save me, or I'm dead. Which means I'll have to spend hours online learning the whole IChO syllabus which includes year 1 and year 2 undergraduate chemistry. Not to mention that I'll have to first brush up on the A-level side chemistry (IB chem is alot slacker, even though I'm taking it at HL and AHL) or I will not be able to even stand a chance at getting through the selection rounds. The value of a national medal is much diminished compared to the international level, especially since the size of this country is really small. I will need something of international value if I were to stand a chance to get into the university of my dreams.

I sure hope I can do all this in due time...

00:03 05 Mar 2009