Being Active

先生:そう。。。じゃなくて!二月は半分まだ越えないよ!何で「まだ二月」と言って? (or something to that effect)
That was on the 13th Feb

I've just came back from my first ever proper Kendo match in Kent and along the way had quite alot of time in the car to think. I've still been having lots of firsts like what I've accomplished last year and have continued to make it a target for this year as well, and all is fine with that. Something a little strange though is that I've felt time has been passing slow, but yet fast.

Already half the year has passed (school year that is), and each week feels like ages from the previous one, yet at the end or start of each, I kinda feel that it's been quite fast. I don't actually know why it has come out to be this way. This year has been much busier than the last probably because it's supposed to be and I've also gotten more involved while not really cutting down on anything.

Now that I can actually fight properly in Kendo, I've been way more active than last year. I've also not cut down on the number of trips out of Cambridge. Last year I did 3 trips to London in first term and 2 in the second. This year I've taken one to London last term, one to Scotland, and this term have taken one trip to London and one to Kent, with one more to London scheduled soon. So far it's all been great, just that I wonder if I can keep up at times since I'm not quite in schedule as I was last year. I've kinda dropped going to the anime society since that's least essential, but I hope I don't have to do any further dropping of activities.

This time period is also pretty exciting for me. Lots to anticipate. I've three holidays scheduled this year! The first one's to Japan this which has already been confirmed. It's also my first solo trip which I've decided will be a good experience. The second one is around Europe during the early autumn, but that hinges on other things. And lastly, I'm planning another big trip to Japan! But this time it's to go skiing! All these (except the one confirmed) hinge on a number of other schedules so most of these plans are still up in the air for the moment.

Oh, and, Kancolle has gotten pretty big in Japan now! There have been many figures released online (which has caused me to spend quite some money on then already) and I'm going to Japan soon! Can't wait to see what's gonna be available there!

08:35 17 Feb 2014