Second Chinese New Year

There are many things I like about being here and one of them is that my nose never gets runny. The air here is probably cleaner, or it could also be the cooler air which I like so much. Unfortunately, the displacement results in a temporary severing (or at least stretching) of my roots. I've missed, and will miss important events. Not much choice about it, but it always leaves a feeling of emptiness around this time of year.

Luckily there are quite a number of Singaporeans in UK. When you think about it, this is probably the best place to be if not in Singapore. And thanks to that, I've at least celebrated CNY even though the rest of Cambridge continues on without even the slightest nod of acknowledgement of such an occasion. Celebrating with friends is something really fun in its own way (and different) as compared to the usual round of visiting.�

CNY is not the only time of feeling empty of course. AFA is another. And while I've boldly declared that I'll make it back to SG just for the weekend for concerts, it's looking to be impossible if not at the expense of study. It would have been possible before in 1st year but definitely not in second. Also this year's line up wasn't as good. Oh well.

I guess I'll never really want to live permanently overseas...

07:07 05 Feb 2014