Not Much Developing

Well, I haven't been posting at all recently... Wonder if anyone noticed that. Apart from the fact that Cambridge is a place where lots of opportunities lie and thus very little time left after making the most of them, I guess... I haven't actually been doing much.

It's strange. I realised that everytime I update with a post is usually when I find something new, or feel something important to voice out, but lately, I've just not felt like it, or haven't felt compelled to do so. Maybe I should, or maybe my voice is dying. I don't actually know, and definitely hope it's not the latter.

Since the last term, I've been doing roughly the same things. After joining so many: CUPS (Physics Society), CUSF (Space Flight), CUMMA (Mixed Martial Arts), CUMSA (Malaysia Singapore Association), CUAMS (Anime Manga Society), CUAC (Automobile Club), AJS (Anglo Japanese Society), and the Kendo Society, while having a preview at the CUWS (Wireless Society), I kind of gave up on some, stuck to the remaining ones, and that hasn't changed. I now am in: CUPS, CUMSA, CUAMS AJS, and Kendo. (I'm part of the CUSF, but I don't do anything. It's just a membership) I guess, this is what you could call as "settled in". But this is becoming routine, and while I like routines in that it ends up as an autopilot leaving you free from actually minding about it, it doesn't feel good. I need something different.

Just during the last term break, I set foot in Les Duex Alps for the first time. It was also my first time in France, and also my first time skiing. One word: Awesome. Skiing is something I've never actually seen with my own eyes, let alone learn to do it, and it was so easy to pick up, that we were on Blue Slopes by the 4th day, and wanted to go Red on the 6th (except that my knees were aching and the weather was terrible; visibility being down to 20m or less). This is definitely a great activity, and I'm hoping to make it into a yearly routine. Of course, I'm really hoping to be able to ski in Japan, since I heard the snow there is really great, and you know, it's Japan. At least I'll be able to speak to them to some extent.

So until the term break was great, but ever since term started, and it's been 2 weeks since then, I haven't really felt the spice of this place. Everyday is supposed to feel really great, and it did for the first term at least. Maybe it's because of worry, maybe it's because I'm "getting settled" or "used to it". I should be working on changing that...

Thankfully, there's an anime convention coming up in London on Chinese New Year's, and we're going for a musical 2 weeks after, so two visits (at least), to London this term for interesting stuff. That's gonna add some spice! And hopefully, I don't get too bothered by work because by golly, these pieces of paper really pile up quite quickly. Now, if only I don't spend so much time on Aion.

Last 4 years.... Sometimes I wish I could be a student like this for ever....

07:29 02 Feb 2013