The 4th Phase

Wow... We're already almost done with the trip. Feels like we've been here forever. Japanese food everyday (even tried Lotteria), and cold weather all the way.we've not been above 10C yet, and if not including Tokyo, we haven't been above 5C. The 4th phase involves Tokyo as the base, mostly shopping, and basically preparing to go back. We've scouted Akihabara twice already (once more last night. Ok not really scout, but it we couldn't take our time either), and I've gotten my first loot from there. I'm hoping to get the sales prices. Saw a poster or two at 50% off. Considering getting it.... The merchandise there is really awesome. I'll make it a point to get more pics once we go there for the full day of shopping.

Today though, we're gonna see the early blooming Cherry Blosssoms. If the weather for this season's great, we'll be right in the middle of the peak. Thankfully, this particular species has a long blooming period (just slightly over 1 month). This one should give great pics as well. Yay!

06:50 21 Feb 2012