Closing of 3rd Phase

So, now blogging from Mt. Fuji (lake Kawaguchi), our 3rd phase is about to come to a close. It's still been as awesome as ever. Apart from the part that we couldn't climb Mt. Shirane because of the lack of snowshoes and crampons.

There was almost up to waist high snow in non-paths and off-roads. It's probably a crazy decision to take the hike all the way up the mountain. Fortunately we abandoned it and took a trek around the lake which we then discovered was closed to public because of the knee high snow. My jeans were frozen around the ankles area. It was the first time I wore long johns that day, so I was mostly prepared for it. I can say that I'm proud of my snow boots which went through all the ordeal without getting soaked (the it's waterproof). I'm also proud of my camera which has plunged below zero for the dunno how manyeth time and still functioned PERFECTLY. (can't say the same for the wireless triggers which failed even at near zero)

We recced Akihabara last night since we did a stopover on the way from Nikko to Mt. Fuji (contd later, lunch just arrived)

12:01 19 Feb 2012