Anime IS Real

I've been to Japan before, but the thing is that well, I didn't do any prep before hand. To me, it was an unknown country at first, just another one I'm trying to discover, one of the countries I've been to.

This time, however, it's different. Getting caught up in anime is one thing, but I've also read the life of one, non-Japanese who found his love for this country (the one I am in right now) and lives his life forevermore promoting it's culture. There's alot more to observe and lookout for.

Rather than be baffled by their customs, style, and living, I've come to understand it with interest, and participate (only while I'm here of course). The thing is, much of it is also displayed in anime. While anime may be just drawings of things that don't happen, the culture shines through, and for slice-of-life types, is accurate. I mean, coming back here, after 3 years slight, I realise that I know what to expect. From the way they depict shower conversations at the onsen areas, to the way staff sell you items, greet you, and accept your payment. Awesome stuff.

We are currently rather tired from all the travelling. Practically 1 whole day to get to Sapporo. We just arrived like around 2000 and we checked in at Changi at like 2300. But it's quite like what I expected. I mean, there are posters of Snow Miku at Haneda airport! Promoting the Snow Fest in Sapporo. How awesome is that? More to come tomorrow onwards! I haven't seen Sapporo in the day, and I'm waiting for snow! Snow's all over on the ground here, but this trip won't be complete if I don't see snow falling from the sky.

This is too damn awesome, considering I've been planning this for many months, it's so nice to see this materialise. I'm trying to make the most of this trip. Brought 2 cameras, one for video, one for photo. We even got together to rent a lens, and our entire group got together to rent a mobile router, which is why I can now get internet access over 3G.

23:38 06 Feb 2012