A New Life

Isolated from the rest of the world, carefree, just concentrating on becoming a profficient soldier. Well, not exactly, considering we get newspapers and UMPCs to keep in touch. Personally, I feel that NS is rather frivolous, despite feeling something contrastingly different when considering how integral it is to our nation. Ambivalence? Not really. The simplicity of what I'm going through is making me feel rather relaxed and carefree through the whole adjustment period. But on the other hand I do know the gravity of it: Should our nation be at war, I'd have to grab that rifle, put on that uniform, and defend Singapore with my life. These two feelings do not conflict, but settle side by side within me; not uneasily either, but in a sort of resignated manner.

In anyway, I am lucky to be liking what I'm doing � for now. Physical training is great. Despite how much we're pushed, when we're done, I get a good sense of accomplishment. The SAF takes care of us, not just through words. Water parades before any activity under the sun prevents severe dehydration. Professional instructors guide us to do excercises properly. Personnel walk around correcting stances to prevent injuries from the activities. The medical centre is just 200m away. Lights out mean lights out and they don't touch you, except sometimes. Even the weather is great. Sunny almost everyday. Few clouds, fresh air (although there may be a bit of haze from neighbouring countries).

What adds to the personal experience the most is, of course, our mates. My section is very easy going and cooperative. We've got a joker or two in there to liven things up. We don't mind taking turns to do the laundry, fill up each other's water bottles, and touch up each other's bunks for stand by area. Even our OC is very nice to us. He values discussion, feedback and openess, always giving thought provoking scenarios. He also makes it a point to give reasons behind each of the activities, and I guess it's him that made the PCs and SCs follow suit.

I guess all these make me feel good about spending time in the army. If you tell me why I must do it, and I find that reasonable, I will do it willingly. Perhaps even with enthusiasm.

00:11 14 Feb 2010