To Give Up Freedom

This will be my first post of many to come. I've introduced a new "NS" tag for National Service. That being said, my posts will naturally be less often now that I have to be in camp most of the time. I'll be giving up my civillian life for a new one from tomorrow, temporarily for 2 years. I'm looking forward to it, yet I feel rather nervous. There have been so many views, opinions, perspectives, sides coming from people of all ages that I have no idea what to expect at all. I guess all this means that it will be a personal experience, hence the varied responses, and it'll be up to me to decide whether I'll enjoy it or not.

Someone said to me, "Like it or not, you're gonna spend 2 years of your life there. You could do it dragging yourself along, cursing and swearing, or you could embrace it, and maybe learn something. At the very least you'll be more physically fit." I suppose that's what I'll do then. After all, what does not kill will only make one stronger, and they can't touch me anyway; I have a place, an inner sanctuary (like Siddhartha would put it), which keeps me strong and at home. No matter what comes from without, can never touch me within.

17:28 03 Feb 2010