As a student I learn something new each day, despite sometimes going through stuff that I know already. When being taught by different people, the experience rarely is the same. That being said, even teachers may disagree with each other. And it's scary to think of what some of them do not know, or think they know correctly.

Yes everyone is wrong sometimes, while some are wrong more often than some others. And one important thing I realised I never really considered was that teachers are also part of this "everybody". And that we are placing our absolute trust in all of then teaching us stuff that are useful, and factually correct.

When I heard from a friend about a predicted out come of his research experiment, I was shocked that his mentor actually came to that conclusion. The worst part was that the argument sounded at least, plausible. So who is to know that some how some where, we learn something that is not factually correct due to a slip from the teacher, or an incompetence?

And we take what they say everyday like laws. It's amazing how much trust we place in our teachers, and I wonder, do they realise this responsibility too?

22:37 10 Feb 2009