Power that reaches the Earth from the Sun? Part 2

A few weeks ago I posted a supposed solution that indeed seemed wrong. The error has been found thanks to the best ever physics teacher in our school! The sun I assumed was a point source. Wrong assumption there if I were to assume that the Earth was a sphere. Well anyway, so I re-did the assumptions, and came up with new formulas, and now I'm stuck doing a triple integral that has the cosine law in it with weird stuff for a, b, and c. I trust my mathematics to quite a large extent when doing these kind of workings, so I would say I'm on the right track... I just need to do more simplification so that I can continue integrating twice more.

This could end up quite interesting.

(part 1 was posted as part of another blogpost. Here's the link)

19:54 09 Feb 2009
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