Domino Day! (6.03)

It's an event once a year in the netherlands where they try to break the domino records each year.

Well, our class decided to have our own since we had a whole physics practical lesson to experiment with dominos for the upcoming assessment. It ended as a domino day for us with over 1300 dominos toppled along the chain. It was basically fun for everyone, except those unfortunate who weren't there due to then volunteering their services for orientation. What a pity.

For the first time the class spontaneously did a large project together. I volunteered to round up all shots and videos into a video presentation, and so after 6hours of toying with the video editing software, it's finally done for the class tomorrow. I sure hope it's gonna look good. This is only my second time using adobe premiere pro, first time being the econs video competition.

I suppose that this spontaneous project will remain in some of our memories forever. After all, how often can u set up a chain of 1000+ dominos?

19:48 09 Feb 2009