Accelerated Learning (Part III)

Logic. An ability to judge an outcome or solve a problem based on a set of steps by following reasoning. Logic is something like a pattern. It's consistent and follows steps. It's also a very valued asset. Why else would there be so many engineers doing all kinds of different jobs from finance to management to actual research? A person isn't born with logic in him/her however. It has to be taught. But logic is slightly more than a pattern. It's a pattern of patterns. The common rule of rules. So while it cannot be imparted explicitly, it could be taught implicitly - through trial and error.

The basic toy which involves putting the right shapes into the right holes allows a child to learn his first pattern. Other similar puzzles like jigsaw and it's many forms also introduce other patterns to be learnt. If the child continues to "collect" these patterns, logic will be established. While this would take seemingly long, it is likely how we learn logic anyway. The important part is to teach it continually for logic paves the way toward self learning and faster learning. It also allows one to perform well in mathematics - one of the most important skills in life. And mathematics will also continue to reinforce logic thus granting an upward spiral of improvement. More about that some other time though.

If you've probably realised by now, logic is also known by a more quantified form as IQ. It is a measurement of how well someone is able to spot patterns, able to draw relations, able to predict outcomes. While there is no doubt that genetics do play a part, I believe that with much exposure, one would be able to improve his logical capabilities and thus his IQ by substantial amounts. There have been courses to train IQ, and they have worked, although my belief is that they train one for the test rather than the IQ. Regardless, it nevertheless proves that processes can be trained if given enough chances. Since logic is a process, the same applies.

An interesting fact is that logic doesn't have to be taught through language. The toy with shapes and holes that I referred to earlier proves that. So teaching language and logic simultaneously would ready one with basic life skills rather fast. After which, one should add in basic mathematics for convenience.

21:14 20 Jan 2010
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