Time Again An Adversary

Throughout the past two years, I've been thinking, "Let's put this for the holidays or the end of IB", and each holiday has given me little time to get through my to-do list. Not forgetting that my to-do list only consists of things I personally want to do, when one takes into accounts events like parties, gatherings and interviews, that list becomes really inexhaustive for one to plow through. It's almost like homework. I now have a backlog of things I want to enjoy; all accumulated from two years of rather stifling IB education.

I'm not complaining, but that's because I've decided that it was all worth it. But maybe others might think differently. Let's reflect a bit on it shall we? Our school hours bring us right into the late afternoon, on the brink of evening just about everyday. On days that don't, we have CCAs to contend with. Weekends are free, but most of us have our own activities, not to forget any projects and homework that was not done during the week. On top of all, we need our own time to relax, to do what we like best, whether it's gaming, playing the piano, running, cycling, writing, or even bartending =D. We do get some rest during holidays, but most are packaged with some project or preparation for a major test (IOC, WL, Common Test, Math Port, etc). Of the few chances, those one day declared holidays, that we receive, no surprise we seize them for activities as well, like class outings, or sometimes just catching up with work.

It's a packed schedule indeed. But I believe our results proved that it's all worth it. We reap what we sow don't we? Now that we've plowed hard, sown and fertilised, the first season has begun to bear fruit. Soon, we'll all be given a new plot of land to do the same, and it's only with lessons from the previous crops will we know what to do and what not to. Boy, have we learnt much. So higher grounds we shall seek!

So well, the main point is: I'm running out of time! Oh noes! I'm not even halfway into my to-do list, and here I am with only exactly 3 weeks before enlistment. You can't retrieve two years of life in just two and a half months. Guess I'll have to put it off till after army. Doesn't that sound familiar? sigh.

10:56 14 Jan 2010