Yay! A Story!

Well, it's not often that I get inspiration/ideas from dreams, but having a good dream recall makes it easy not to miss these ideas. Ever get the feeling that you dreamt of a wonderful idea or creation, but only to forget it immediately upon waking? Practising dream recall can eliminate these kinda stuff. But anyway, on to my dream that I had this morning. It's a story. More of a background to a character rather. This could be polished into a cartoon series, but my dream left me with enough starting points. Here's what I could recall:

Kanato was a young boy from a poor family in a small rural village. He had inspirations to become a great person (my dream didn't specify further).

At a young age, he left his home village and travelled by train to a big city far away where he came under an old Kungfu master. It was also at that city that he met his lifelong friend (I can't remember the name) and both of them, under the master trained hard together, eventually becoming sworn brothers.

Around the time Kanato reached his early teens, he witnessed once at a festival or carnival of some sort, his teacher being humiliated by a group of people (they knew kungfu too). His teacher was too old to fight back against that many and hence did nothing. Kanato couldn't bear to see that happening, so he tried to defend his teacher and fight back but only to be humiliated too because of his immature skills at that moment. This lesson only spurred him to train harder than ever.

Just into his mid teens, he decided to go back to his home village to bring his parents over to the big city. Only his mum came however (not sure why, but that's what I recollect)

As the sworn brothers reached adulthood, their internal energy (qi) began to strengthen and they were able to defeat their common foes.

And now! This is where the adventure begins! (This is where I woke up)

I wonder some times, whether I should develop all these ideas. They were sorta thrown at me. But I'm not really into writing...

19:17 27 Jan 2009