Snow in School?

Well this is interesting...
Just yesterday morning I managed to get my 92nd lucid dream since Nov 2005, but this morning/last night, I decided to let go and dream normally as I normally do (compared to the previous sleep), and well, this is the dream that had the most significance:

(For those who do not know how the school I'm in looks like, sorry, you would not be able to place yourself in my shoes)
It was after school around, I'd say 4pm, because the lighting was around such. I did not notice the sky at first. After choir too for some reason (must be a wednesday or friday heheh). Well anyway, From the red level, library area, there is a route leading to the boarding school, and we were on that path walking and talking happily. I remember that the people who I was with were my seniors, i.e. current year 7s, and maybe a few of my pals. It wasn't very clear how many people I was with, but I think it was around 5 or so. The weather had gotten really, really weird recently, and it was kinda cold, so all of us had some sort of light winter wear.

Then all of a sudden, it started snowing. It was neither heavy nor light, and the snowflakes were about the size of peas. I was not surprised given that the weather was really weird. Mind you, this is singapore... 1�22' north of the equator! Well, of course everyone was happy. I'd say most people haven't seen snow falling on them before. I must have sorta "blinked" because, suddenly, the whole ground was covered at least two inches thick in snow. It was as though my mind had fastforwarded 5 hours of that snowfall in the 1 min of walking toward the eagle statue. (This happens many times in my dreams. The fastforward thing that is)

Seeing so much snow on the ground, well, what do you expect us to do? Play with it of course! I jumped down to the small field just in front of the boarding school. Strangely, the field had a few temperate trees, (i.e. no leaves left. It's "winter") which were also covered in white making the scene look very pleasant. We made snow angels, and threw a few snowballs at each other, before, as sudden as before, the snow stopped. I looked up in to the sky (it was the first time I had looked at it in this dream) and saw a swirl of clouds with a hole in the center. Basically a hurricane with the eye directly above us. (Yeap, definitely 4pm or so judging by the sky now)

Panic struck me. Hurricanes' eyes are supposedly known to draw the freezing winds from the stratosphere down to earth (paraphrased from "The Day After Tomorrow"). Singapore is hot, hence all the winds probably did do was to bring the temperature from around 30 C to 0 C or a little lower, enough for snow. But if it carried on, the temperature could possibly drop further. Stratosphere winds are around -43 C. I shouted to everyone to go back indoors in case anything should happen.

*Different scene* (this happens quite often too, it's like Act 1 scene 2. It's still related nevertheless.)
I had hailed a cab to bring me home, since I was afraid what the weather might bring. I tuned my phone to the weather channel to check out the latest reports, and found that temperatures around the whole island were close to zero, except the southern part which was below zero. I remember our school was toward the southern part of singapore, skewed a little to the west. If I'm wrong, and the school's in the west, then the news should have reported that the west had sub zero temperatures. Well anyway, I reached home safely, and turned on the TV to again, the weather channel, which was now showing the forecast for the next few days. It was gonna be cold rain...
(That's it!)

I'd describe this dream as one of those which you really hoped had happened and was not a dream, when you wake. I found it easy to pinpoint the causes of this dream:

1. I have felt that the weather is getting more weird each year, and something really big is gonna happen soon. For instance, this year: somewhat 2 week no rain, with the air temperature going down to below 28 C each night, and dry air basically... and this is supposed to be the wet monsoon season.

2. My trip to Hokkaido had me experiencing about 3 inches worth of snowfall over 36 hours.

3. Having been to too many choir rehearsals this year, explains the setting. (we meet up 3 times each week till 6-7. It was twice/week up to 5+ last year and before)

4. My phone can do many things: Surf the net, GPS, Radio, Video Calls, take pics (3.2 MP camera), blast audio (stereo speakers), watch videos... and with the applications: Type word docs, do excel sheets, view pdfs, watch YouTube videos, and reject calls or accept based on blacklists and whitelists custom defined. The only thing my phone's missing is a tuner for TV. That's probably why it happened in my dream.

Interesting stuff eh?

15:08 25 Jan 2009