Something to think about....

(Back dated. Had not much time to post so....)

I think it's probably because of this year that I begin to think so much about the next part of life. It feels as if we are crossing over the river, passing through the customs, to a different place, a different land.

Just at the barbeque, I remember someone saying that it was going to be the last class outing for this year, at least until the final exams were over. It made me wonder... How about after those exams, and after that? Would we still be able to gather together to talk, laugh, and lament over common issues? How long will the bond of our class last?

So many a time we read about reunions of classes into their 30s,50s, some even till their 60s. I can imagine the different types of conversation we'd have at each stage of our lives each time we'd meet... from getting to know which industry each of us is working in, to discussing the latest economic situation, to discovering who has left us... (that is a long way I know, but hey, we'll get there in time)

Friends are so important to have. They provide some comfort and shelter from the cold world. I can only hope that our bonds will be able to last. I suppose the first step is to not lose contact with each other.

11:45 09 Jan 2009