A First Relief

The year started off well so far with my first relief being the results that came back. This means that now, I have more time for my EE and other stuff as well. To be honest, I am so relieved by this that I can't find anyone to thank except God, so: Priase the Lord!

On another note however, going through a second time seating in with our seniors, I felt totally different this time. The joyous event to most today that I have observed felt so close... so close that it feels like we are just around the corner of getting it. I could feel their anticipation, the nerves, the anxiety, the worry, and the excitement almost as if it was our cohort, and my mind did try to simulate what it would be like... Our names being called one by one to go up to be congratulated by our principal... The joy of seeing our friends come up together and share each other's joy, or the sorrow to those who are still at the floor after the highest ranked people are called out. It really feels too near. Then as I brought myself back to reality, I found myself hoping against hope that I would be one of them up there, and THEN I realised! It is directly in my hands at this moment! It is not even late at all to push now! My fate still lies in MY hands, and everthing I do will guide me toward, or tear me away from my target.

This year, will be a very different year for most of us who know what is at stake. Making the cut will bring us to heights we have been dreaming of, through the clouds and above the storm, where the sun is always shining, and the sky so blissful. We can do it now!

So far, the starting pace of the year has been pretty slow, and seems to be mounting gradually. I am surprised for I expected a rude shock for this year. Another thing to be thankful I suppose.

22:54 06 Jan 2009