A New Year...

Why must it come just before the start of a new school term? It gives no time to adjust at all! This year just feels so different... So much unfamiliar than the new years that I have come across before.

As I sit by my com with only the crickets in the bckground on such a peaceful morning, I must say that the implications of this year just mean so much. I have been holding back the thoughts, not willing to think of what this year means. I said to myself, "Save it for the new year" which is now the time, so here it is: This year, will be the last year in this school, after which, things will never be the same again. We just can't go back. We will be thrown into a new world. Only our past experience and whatever we've managed to learnt if any will help us if at all. Time feels like a giant wall pushing me along my life, refusing to let up, refusing to pause as I struggle not to trip over the many rocks and stones along the way.

People say that the working life is more stressful than school. Politics and dirty human natures start to show. It's a war day after day. True. But the repercussions of our actions in our school life ripples through our entire life going beyond our furthest sight and imaginations. We are defining our very lives with each step we take, each hour that we live. Isn't this more risky? More dangerous? We know not whether what we do will bring us to what we want to be. Some don't even have a target just yet. This is the time period where our actions will have the most effect, the most impact on our future lives. There is clearly no magic formula. People who seem to have made it suddenly break it, while others who broke it many times suddenly make it. We are shooting at targets beyond the horizon, and when we get there.... then we will know what we have actually shot at. By that time, it will be too late, but that is our limitation.
A happy new year to everyone.

02:36 01 Jan 2009