My Gallery

This is the main page of my photography gallery. It started off showing CG images from Bryce 5 and Terragen (ver.1) so you can tell this site has been around for a long time now. While those were pretty interesting when it came out, it pales to that currently possible (even by amateur standards) so I took it off and put my photos that I've shot in place. The images here now are, unfortunately, ones that I took when I first started getting into photography, so they're not really anything, just that I haven't had the time to revamp a bit and put the new stuff in. I'd recommend viewing my better pictures at, which, I think, are much better than the ones here now.

I started photography in March 2010, and by that I meant I finally got myself a DSLR. I first learnt how to shoot in manual (on a compact), all the way back in 2005. However, I can't consider myself professional yet, because I have not made any money from any of my pictures or received any paid commissioned shoots. Maybe you might be the first?

If you'd like to contact me regarding the images, please send a message to my gmail, which is at plasmaseer.

Apart from two pictures in the gallery which were taken using a compact camera (explicitly stated in the description), the rest are using a DSLR. I was using my EOS 450D for 2 years, and only recently got my EOS 7D. I'm not going to talk about the lenses I use, because I have borrowed here and there, to mix with those that I own, hence there'd be no point. Needless to say, good lenses give better quality images (not necessarily nicer, but good quality). All pictures are post-processed, usually with Canon Digital Pro before going into Photoshop.