Well... I just finished helping my mum make tiramisu, or should I put it as: I made the tiramisu my mum wanted to make for the new year's party. Quite fun as always when making cakes, especially since this one involved no baking at all. So it was just me and my dad.

Being the person I am... well, I really couldn't help but notice how the mixture was... "homogenous", how the egg white changed in chemical arrangement due to fast beating that causes it to froth, while after setting too long, becomes watery like all liquids with starch in them... So much chemistry. And of course realising that a tiramisu in essence is some raw eggs, some cheese, a biscuit or two, and coffee liquor. Why don't we eat it that way? It all looks the same to the stomach anyway!
Oh well... I guess I'll never change...

23:34 30 Dec 2008