Capolavoro (Review)

It's a stall in Hawkerway Coffee Shop at Blk 279 Bishan Street 24. Surprisingly, it serves Western and Italian food. Italian and Romanian, it claims. I'm not sure what Romanian cuisine is like, but at least the Italian cuisine is pretty good for a hawker stall.

My favourite sauce with spaghetti is the cream based "Cabonara", and I have been ordering that as the first dish I try at any Italian restaurant I go to. I have been to quite a few, including overseas restaurants like one in Italy itself, Tasmania, and a few other places I can't quite remember because they did not leave a strong enough impression.

At first sight, the dish looks a bit watery for a cream based sauce, but the taste was pretty good with generous amounts of bacon in the dish. This is also the first time I have actually seen onions in this sauce, but I must admit it went pretty well. The sauce is tasty and feels rich enough, despite being thin in texture (viscosity, to use the technical term). For $5.90, I'm rather pleased with the dish, considering that the same dish in a restaurant would cost at least double the price.

My dad ordered the Fusili alla Amatriciana, also for $5.90. He requested it to be spicy though, so as to mimick the Arrabbiata sauce that the menu did not offer. The man who took our orders and served us was very friendly, even asking further what type of spice would my dad prefer.

Shared between the two of us was a pizza, 13 inches (I think), that you see in the picture below, for $13. Again, generous toppings, tasty, and it was freshly made on the spot, just like in restaurants! It was a little unfortunate that the toppings tended to crowd toward the center. He explained later that it was due to the rising of the pizza that forced them to the center. This caused the center to be a bit soggy, but the pizza still tasted good.

A good place for getting cheap italian cuisine. I would definitely go back another time.

21:29 22 Sep 2009