Everest Kitchen (Review)

A pretty small restaurant somewhere in Little India serving Nepalese food. Probably just under 15 tables of 4 capacity. It's family run, and they are very friendly, though their english may not be very good. Their kitchen practically takes up half the space of the entire restaurant, which is not surprising considering the variety of food they serve - over 100+ items on the menu.

Most of the dishes they serve come in alot of gravy, not to mention the daals themselves, and so it's always necessary to have a few pieces of naan by the side to enjoy with the gravy.

My favourite dishes were the black bean daal, some sort of mixed vegetables which I can't remember the name of (number 44 or 54 though. Each dish has a serial number to make ordering easier.) and a green gravy dish with apparently homemade cheese. Of course, together with all of these, we ordered a few garlic naans. I prefer these to the plain ones, but the plain ones are crispier if you like crispy stuff.

Beware though, the stuff you order can be very filling since the sauces are thick and creamy. If you are not a big eater, I would recommend 1 dish per person. So if 2 people are going, have two dishes shared among both (and throw in a few naans). If you are a big eater, try 1.3 dishes per person. That's what my family did, and it was just nice. Another caution is the rice dishes. There are only three, but the amount they give is tremendous! Even one person would have trouble finishing it. You'd probably need 1.5 people to tackle this dish, so avoid it if the group you are going with is small, or if you people don't eat alot.

Overall, the food is pretty good, and I won't mind going there anytime for a meal. It'll leave you a bit thirsty though, since just about all the dishes are salty in varying degrees. For 3 of us, the bill came up to about $60 (but remember we usually order quite a bit) and I'm not too sure whether they give 15% discount to everyone, as they have given to us twice already, and also to 2 of our friends who went there.

13:31 17 Jun 2009