MapleStory BGMs and Scores

After a number of years of not doing anything about the MP3 section, I finally devoted one entire weekend to re-doing both sections (in terms of scripts), the MP3 section and scoresheet section, so that now, all the downloads will be permanently hosted. Previously, the scoresheet page was practically all html. Now, I've used php to help generate the list so that it's easier for me to add scores (I've gotten ready one score, and am almost done with another. Upload soon)!

Previously, I hosted the scores on FileFront while MapleSheets was down, and after that, even as it came back up, I still continued to host the scores since it did not cost me much. But one big problem about these file hosting sites is that they either: limit your bandwidth by alot — think Rapidshare, Megaupload, Filefront, or they delete your files every now and then — think Filefront (the only one I used so far).

It is extremely irritating and frustrating if you're relying on these sites. Nowadays, you can use "multiple hosting" sites which help you upload to all of these sites at one go. However, there's also a recent solution that doesn't seem to have a limit: Microsoft skydrive.

Do let me know via the guestbook if you happen to encounter a limitation (either bandwidth, file not found, or etc) with this current file hosting method.

Otherwise feel free to enjoy all the MP3s of MapleStory BGMs, and the scores that we, at MapleSheets, transcribed. They are free, and will always remain free for download. And, as long as I can keep this site up, along with the hosting for those files, I will continue to keep those two pages available for all the fans of MapleStory!

21:47 07 May 2012