MapleStory OST

Here, you can download whichever OST you want for free! Just have a look through all that I hold here. I don't have every single file of every BGM in MapleStory, because for one, I play MapleSEA only, and secondly, I haven't been playing for a number of years. I might go back to record some new music, but that's only if I see that there's a lot of demand for the OSTs!

Ok, while it's free to everyone, I still need to recover some costs of hosting it, so each link will go through a short ad that you can skip after 5 seconds. It's a minor inconvenience for everyone, but it helps make money to sustain this free portal for everyone.

Most soundtracks are 128kbps CBR mp3. I will be seeing if there's better quality available, and update accordingly.

As a usual disclaimer, I do not own the BGMs, and am merely taking them out from a free publicly available client and sharing with everyone. I do not charge any sum for it, and will never (since I don't own those pieces). With that said, please download enjoy!


  1. Main Screen
  2. New Character Screen
  3. CashShop
  4. Happyville (old) (before around 2007)
  5. The Puppeteer


  1. Lith Harbour
  2. Florina Beach
  3. Henesys
  4. Henesys Market
  5. Henesys Hunting Grounds 1
  6. Henesys Hunting Ground 2
  7. Ellinia
  8. Ellinia Hunting Grounds
  9. Ellinia Tree
  10. Perion
  11. Perion Warning Street
  12. Kerning L Forests
  13. Kerning City
  14. Kerning Subway
  15. Kerning Sewers
  16. Sleepywood
  17. Ant Tunnel
  18. Cursed Sanctuary


  1. Orbis Ship Ride
  2. Crimson Balrog Appears
  3. Orbis
  4. Orbis Tower
  5. Aqua Road Hunting Grounds 1
  6. Aqua Road Hunting Grounds 2
  7. Aquarium
  8. Aqua Dungeon
  9. El Nath
  10. El Nath Hunting Grounds
  11. El Nath Dungeon
  12. Dead Mine
  13. Cave of Trial

Ludus Lake

  1. Ludibrium Ship Ride
  2. Ludibrium
  3. Toy Factory
  4. Path of Time
  5. Warped Path of Time
  6. Warped Path of Time (Deeper)
  7. Warped Passage
  8. Forgotten Path of Time
  9. Forgotten Path of Time (Deeper)
  10. Forgotten Passage
  11. Ludibrium PQ
  12. Eos Tower (Inside)
  13. Eos Tower (Outside)
  14. Omega Sector
  15. Omega Sector Silo
  16. Boswell Field
  17. Kulan Field

Korean Folk Town

  1. Korean Folk Town
  2. Korean Folk Town Wildlands


  1. Mushroom Shrine
  2. Cemetery
  3. Showa Town
  4. Spa (Showa Town)
  5. Showa Gangster Hideout


  1. Leafre
  2. Leafre Forest
  3. Dragon Canyon
  4. Entrance to Dragon Forest

Mu Lung & Herb Town

  1. Herb Town
  2. Mu Lung Gardens
  3. Mu Lung


  1. Ariant Desert
  2. Sahel Desert
  3. Magatia


  1. Erev
  2. Lotus Forests
  3. Erev Training Hall


  1. Rien
  2. Cold Forests
  3. Rien Training Tiers
  4. Rien Ice Cave


  1. Singapore City
  2. Singapore Streets
  3. Boat Quay
  4. Mysterious Path
  5. Ghost Ship


  1. Malaysia


  1. Shanghai
  2. Shanghai Wildlands


  1. Thailand Floating Market
  2. Thailand Hunting Grounds